2.8.4 20/12/2023
IMPROVED More asynchronous changes.
NEW New caching engine.

2.8.3 04/12/2023
IMPROVED Asynchronous database connections throughout

2.8.2 09/06/2023
IMPROVED Security improvements throughout the site
IMPROVED Efficiency changes to many pages

2.8.1 19/05/2023
IMPROVED Support for OpenGraph throughout the site.
IMPROVED Wording throughout the site.
IMPROVED FULLTEXT searches implemented to give faster and more complete search results.
IMPROVED Quartz installed to allow for CRON jobs to work again on the new server.

2.8.0 12/04/2023
NEW Ability to switch between vocals and no vocals on YouTube videos.
IMPROVED Database code optimised
IMPROVED The service details page now displays the date correctly.
FIX Blank cells fixed on the service list page.

2.7.5 03/01/2023
NEW Lyrics API
IMPROVED .NET is now at 4.8
FIX Wrong previously sung calculations

2.7.4 09/05/2022
NEW Donations now supported!
IMPROVED A refresh of images and other assets (more to come!)
IMPROVED YouTube support on song pages
IMPROVED Better communication about lyrics
IMPROVED Removal of Twitter code
FIX Message bar sometimes hidden
FIX Security updates

2.7.3 26/10/2019
NEW API system
NEW Donations button added to homepage
IMPROVED Song author can now be searched from songs page
IMPROVED Notes now more prominent
FIX Author search now returns relevant responses

2.7.2 21/11/2017
NEW Changelog page
NEW View audit logs in the admin panel
NEW Church specific notes
NEW Church specific tags
IMPROVED The 'This Sunday' module now handles multiple services in one day
IMPROVED You can now use the reports page to count how many songs you sang in that time period
FIX Added better details for failed registration passwords

2.7.1 06/09/2017
NEW Song lyric previews
NEW Apple music support
NEW YouTube support
NEW Select your preferred music service
NEW Create a songlist for sharing
IMPROVED Better trace logging
FIX Admin panel sorting now works
FIX Automated email system fixes

2.7 04/08/2017
NEW Ability to filter out Public Domain songs in reporting
NEW Sub-tags are now supported in the tagging engine
NEW Filters have been added to the songs page
NEW Theme search is now in beta
NEW Automated announcement emails (like the one you're reading now)
NEW Ability to send out weekly song emails
NEW Ability to manage a church (includes adding logos and editing membership)
NEW Ability to delete a service
IMPROVED SongChoice emails now look a lot nicer
IMPROVED Tables across the site now use the DataTables javascript library
IMPROVED More subtle design changes (e.g. look at those checkboxes)
FIX Caching now works on the song table
FIX Adding songs with apostrophes does not cause weird errors
FIX Extra spaces are removed on title fields

2.6.2 05/10/2016
NEW Reporting suite, for use in CCL reporting
FIX Urls in tweets now function properly
FIX Hover in account management failed after view changed
IMPROVED Hover for menu items

2.6.1 28/09/2016
NEW Merge song for administrators
FIX Null error on edit user
FIX Persistent login
FIX Sorting the search results now does not error

2.6 12/09/2016
NEW Redesign for whole site
NEW User account module
NEW Next service module
NEW We recommend module
NEW A new recommendations section of the website, suggesting songs and ways to play them
IMPROVED Database calls now are more efficient
IMPROVED Improved caching around entire site
IMPROVED Descriptions now available for tags
FIX Search results now work more logically

2.5.2 15/02/2016
NEW Invite someone to your church via the management page
NEW References on a song page now sort by bible reference (rather than just alphabetical)
NEW You are now able to sort columns in the search results
FIX Admin panel null caused churches to be displayed incorrectly
FIX Editing a song now resets the songs cache immediately
FIX Song of songs can now be parsed as a reference

2.5.1 20/01/2016
NEW Robots.txt implementation added
NEW New tags added
FIX Clicking on an expired validation email caused site to error
FIX 404 error on bootstrap fonts
FIX User control panel layout now responsive
FIX The iPad layout was broken
FIX The save service layout was broken
FIX Adding a song with no duplicates was not possible
FIX OpenSearch configuration now matches the latest specification
FIX Search results now has pagination

2.5 13/01/2016
NEW 'What's new' dialog
NEW Enhanced error logging
NEW Error handling throughout site
NEW Ability to edit a saved service
NEW Bootstrap redesign
NEW Ability to change a registered email address
NEW Sitemap generation
IMPROVED Adding a song is much nicer now
IMPROVED Admin panel improvements
IMPROVED New refactored permissions
IMPROVED New look tags
FIX Updating a service actually updates, rather than removing and adding a new one
FIX Numerous reference search fixes