When troubles come and hopes depart
Lyrics Preview When troubles come and hopes depart in mercy, Lord, arise; the ruined landscape of my heart lies bare before your eyes. Where human pride is humbled low and crushed beneath your hand, your solace, Lord, again bestow and heal this broken land. Though darkness seems to hide your face amid earth's sin and pain, break through the clouds, O God of grace, restore my soul again. The banner of your love unfurled proclaims a sheltering arm; no foes in all this fallen world can bring your people harm. In holiness your word goes forth from that eternal throne: to east and west, to south and north, your glory rules alone. Frail human strength is nothing worth beset by evil powers, yet with the God of all the earth the victory is ours!

Author: Timothy Dudley Smith
Reference: Psalm 60;
Copyright: © 2003 Hope Publishing Company