At your feet we fall
Lyrics Preview At Your feet we fall, mighty risen Lord, As we come before Your throne to worship You. By Your Spirit's power You now draw our hearts, And we hear Your voice in triumph ringing clear. I am He that liveth, that liveth and was dead, Behold I am alive forever more. There we see You stand, mighty risen Lord, Clothed in garments pure and holy, shining bright. Eyes of flashing fire, feet like burnished bronze, And the sound of many waters is Your voice. Like the shining sun in its noonday strength, We now see the glory of Your wondrous face. Once that face was marred, but now You're glorified, And Your words like a two-edged sword have mighty power.

Author: David Fellingham
Source: Praise! 479
Copyright: © 1982 Kingsway's Thankyou Music