You’re the shepherd, we’re the sheep Sheet Music
Lyrics Preview 1. You’re the shepherd, we’re the sheep You won’t slumber, though we sleep Oh what love our saviour shows To the little ones he knows. 2. We are guilty, You are good We fell short, but You withstood For Your father’s holy name You endured and overcame. 3. We were helpless in our sin You forgave and took us in Though our hearts still turn from You Yet with patience You pursue. 4. You’re the teacher, we are taught By Your precious blood we’re bought You’re the healer we are healed By Your cross our hope is sealed. 5. We’re forgiven by Your blood Orphans called as sons of God Brought from darkness into light Washed in red and clothed in white 6. Yours the triumph, Yours the throne Praise and glory, Yours alone Tongues of angels, songs of men Let the heav’ns resound again

Author: Greg de Blieck